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Welcome to e-Tap!

e-Tap is an online platform which provides anyone with the opportunity to learn tap at any skills level, any time, anywhere.

What do you get?

  • One-on-one online privates lessons tailored to focus on any key areas you want
  • Combinations for you to take away, work on and perfect in your own time and space


What do you need?

  • Shoes – if you don’t have tap shoes, that’s ok! Any hard sole shoes will work perfectly
  • Something to tap on – this can be a 1m x 1mx piece of wood from a hardware store or a tap board you already own
  • Space to move – whether this is in your living room, back yard or garage that’s totally up to you


This opportunity is available for all levels from Beginner all the way through to Advanced/Professional.

What better way to learn from one of Australia’s most sought after tap teachers on a regular basis!

So…What are you waiting for?

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